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Restore – Regenerate – Reimagine

The Restore Regenerate Reimagine Theme running through the 2018 conference will enable us to reflect on how 200 year old man-made navigations and infinitely older natural waterway corridors remain relevant and engaging places for people to live work, play and visit.

The three strands making up the World Canals Conference 2018 provide a platform from which we will all learn how the navigable waterways and canals of the world have been Restored, Regenerate and Re-imagine.

The path of waterway restoration has led some to UNESCO World Heritage Status or the creation of new generations of audiences for waterway stories. The regeneration of waterways all over the world has led to community and  business engagement and growth in participation for fun, for health, for education or for jobs. The re-imagining of a waterway and its environment has created opportunities for innovative and sometimes  technological solutions to age old engineering, logistical or operational problems.

The 2018 conference invites participation from leaders, innovators, engineers and administrators, experts and enthusiasts, business-people and users from every sector.  Speakers from waterway management, engineering, technology, recreation, sport, heritage tourism, health and community to  motivate, inspire, engage and foster innovation, creativity and enthusiasm.

As the physical, social and economic environment in which we operate changes even more dynamically, the networking and learning opportunities provided by the World Canal Conference will become even more valuable to us all. Join us and play your part in the restoration, regeneration and re-imagining of our global waterways.

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